4 Road / EB – Washington State: COVID-19 report from the ground

Greetings Kin,

Sharing the view from Snohomish County Washington. Cases are growing at 200+ per day. 24 hours can seem like a long wait for the next number. In NY they are running 10,000 tests per day. Here, only 1,000 for those emergencies and hard cases to show up at the hospital. There are no tests for anyone else. Healthcare PPE is running low – in places running out. We can only assume and act accordingly that the actual numbers are x 10. There is now a senior residence within 5 miles with 9 positive, likely a team of employees I pass in my grocery store.

My daughter is a nurse in a senior center in Kansas. The daily reality is a choice – when/if they hit 3-patients positive, you’re either locked in or locked out. Why are there no tests. Why were stocks traded two weeks before public notice? Why are we dying to Live?


The shadow cast over is invisibility. Unknown numbers are better.

From places farther downwind, the encouragement is “it’s just a cold, the rest in your head, and this will blow away in a couple of weeks.”
Somewhere lost in Love are the little words – “How are you?”

Shared by my daughter/angel/nurse of LOVE – drink at least 3 hot fluids per day – water with lemon,  tea. It will kill the virus on contact, so will do SOME good. Also, other afflictions – colds/hay fever, can make you more susceptible, so all things deserve attention. They have to be conscious of everything they touch – she mentioned accidentally forgetting, touching a shoe. That’s something to be very conscious of, if you have to go to public places for supplies.

From an inside view of a critical “essential products” supply chain, my employer has the documents to keep rolling. A week feels like a comfortable certainty. Stores are still open for critical gases and manufacturing supplies. At the same time, business stands still. Medical gases, research gases, and beverage/food processing gases are a critical supply chain.

This is simply what is, in Everett, Washington. Waiting 24 hours to know the truth of tomorrow.

Love, Debra


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  1. I have a son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters in Everett. My daughter in law came down with fever cough on three Tijax. Negative on test but first day of symptoms can lead to a false negative. She is still experiencing symptoms.

    I am finding our calendars are perfect for tracking this virus. It seems to have nearly twenty day cycles. I mark the day when they come up with symptoms. I will breath one sigh of relief when twenty days pass. And a bigger sigh when the second unial repeats.

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  4. A WORD ABOUT TOILET PAPER: If you know that maintenance of such systems is going to be lacking, you don’t shove more toilet paper down the drain. You start doing what others all around the world have figured out – an alternate means of disposal to keep important channels open. Unless, YOU are a plumber.


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