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10 Jaguar / IX – Walk Between Worlds: Day 10


10 Jaguar/IX

10 Jaguar/IX

Greetings Kin,

Galactic Tone 10 brings the energy of manifestation. This is a powerful energy that carries a great responsibility. What we focus on can become real with the energy of 10. Given the encouragement of Divine Support, we would focus on our Hopes, Dreams, and Intentions, and not our Fear.

Jaguar/IX guards the Portals to other dimensions and brings power to awaken our experience of the Spirit World. Jaguar is the Day Sign of multi-dimensional magic, and the sign of the shaman, healer and way shower of Spiritual Growth.  Jaguar guides us to see that the Vision we hold in the Spirit World holds the power for a Physical Manifestation. The Jaguar can show us how.

The Serpent/CHICCHAN trecena presents 10 Portal Days in a row (Tones 2 thru 12). Our experiences will be magnified by a thinning of the veil and an opening to other dimensions. Today, Jaguar receives us into the fullness of Spirit and Defines the Application of Love that connects our Power of Creation.

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