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5 Monkey / CHUEN – A Vision of Purpose: Day 5 of 13


5 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 5 offers the Empowerment for our Spiritual Climb. Monkey/CHUEN demonstrates our Power of Creation. Monkey is the Master Artist that manifests beauty from its Imagination. CHUEN is the Weaver of Time. The glyph of the Monkey shows “time rolled up” on its head. Monkey discovers the Beauty in all the times of our life.

Tone 5 and CHUEN share the same aspects of intelligence and imagination that can conceive the Application of Inspiration. The experiences of living are the raw materials and medium for Monkey’s work of Art. As Dog/OC’s closest friend, CHUEN sees that an Application of Love holds the Power to Create Beauty from every experience.

Monkey/CHUEN helps us discover beauty by not taking ourselves so seriously. Monkey uses its intellect and imagination in the activity of play. Monkey sees life through a lens of curiosity, trying things just to see what happens. CHUEN weaves together the experiences of our life into a work of art.

The Cherokee Day Sign of the Raccoon is a trickster who is full of friendly mischief, who plays the fool to make us smile. We are inclined to approach our Spiritual Growth as serious business. Raccoon lightens our hearts by allowing us to see the Humor in our Human ways of being. Through play, Monkey helps us experience the simple Joy of Living.

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5 Monkey/ CHUEN – Path of Divine Purpose


5 monkeyGreetings Kin,

On Tone 5 of Empowerment on a Path of Divine Purpose is led by Monkey/CHUEN, the Weaver of Time and Master of all Arts. Monkey is the Alchemist at Play.

Tone 5 brings the energy of gathering together what is needed to manifest our new Intention, through a new understanding of our own Supernatural Power. When we walk as Divine Agents in the world, we are empowered by heavenly support.

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5 Monkey/CHUEN – Spirit Walk

Greetings Kin,

5 monkey

5 Monkey/CHUEN

5 Monkey/CHUEN encourages us to make a final survey of what is  needed to proceed toward a dream or intention. The Monkey is a reminder that some of our best thinking comes out of play.

Chuen has a magical quality and there’s potential for something we experience as being supernatural. Pay attention to small things that catch your attention. Monkey is a day to be a Dreamer that believes in their Dreams.

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