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9 Crocodile / IMIX – Building an Altar: Day 9 of 13


9 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 9 holds the Intention of Patience to get a better perspective of the bigger picture. Tone 9 helps to complete a new transformation through a broader understanding of our Reason and Purpose. With the energy of Nine plans or patterns begin to come to completion. Tone 9 comes with a warning that there could be suffering from the lack of this important insight.

The Reed/BEN trecena is drawing us into a Divine Channel of Communion with the Creator. With Tone 9 we see the reason why this was part of the Divine Plan.

Crocodile/IMIX is the womb of Creation. IMIX calls us back to our Reason for Being and our Divine Purpose for Living. We were meant to become all that we could imagine. Human is born as a Being of Duality. We were made a Being of Physicality and a Being of Spirit. Human is a being of symmetry. Both sides of our Self were created to be equal to each other. IMIX clarifies our Understanding that both sides of our Consciousness were given an equal purpose.

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2 Crocodile / IMIX – A Vigil of Light: Day 2 of 13


2 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

Crocodile/IMIX brings the Dawn of a New Awakening. IMIX holds the memories of all creation and speaks to us in mysterious ways. IMIX is the Day Sign that ignites our thoughts as the Day Sign of Innovation. Those born under the Day Sign of IMIX are said to be seen as Genius when they are following their own Passion.

The Sun/AHAU trecena initiates our Highest Calling, a Passion to Love. A Divine Agency of Heavenly Hosts will remain vigilantly at our side in shared effort to transform the Heart of Humanity. Sun is the Hero that asks us to reach beyond our Grasp to our Highest States of Consciousness. AHAU brings the Light to a New Way of Being.

The 3rd Uinal – Today we enter the 3rd Uinal of the Tzolk’in round. In the Harvest cycle of our Becoming, 3 is the number of Movement that brings Life to an Intention through the creation of a new Vibration. Through an expression of who we Choose to Be, our Dream takes on a life of its own. Movement is a Sign of Life in every realm of existence. Our Dream has a Life in the realm of our Imagination. Our Dreams brought to life lead their own course of manifestation. As we take our first step toward a Dream, the Dream will reveal the next.

Galactic Tone 2 brings the Intention of Duality. We are separated from the Whole to discern the Light that WE would bring to a new Purpose of Transformation. We are presented with a Choice of our own Free Will about How we would bring our Light to the World. Tone 2 will heighten our awareness to the two sides of our Self… our physical experience as a Human Being and our Spiritual experience, as an Ethereal Being. In our Highest State of Consciousness we are able to Know that Human’s Divine Destiny is to live in the Balance between Heaven and Earth.

Crocodile/IMIX is a symbol of the Divine Feminine. Sun/AHAU is a symbol of the Divine Masculine. Together they represent the Alpha and Omega. In perfect balance, together they Manifest Creation and the Transformation of Humanity.

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8 Crocodile / IMIX – An Offering of Spirit: Day 8 of 13


8 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 8 brings the Intention of Justice. Tone 8 is an organizing force that upholds the principle of “As above, so below.”  This principle of Ancient Wisdom defines the balance of creation… that whatever happens in one level of reality, also happens on every other level.  Tone 8 measures the evidence of our accomplishment of Spiritual Growth to bring into balance our physical and spiritual reality.

Crocodile/IMIX is the Day Sign that influences our way of thinking and who teaches us to use our imagination. Under her guidance we learn that what we can Imagine in the reality of our mind, could be made so in our physical reality. IMIX raises us up to Know that the Dreams we imagine were meant to come true. They only have to exist in the realm of our imagination as if they “already are.”

2nd Uinal: On 8 Crocodile/IMIX we enter the 2nd Uinal of the Tzolk’in. In the new “harvest cycle” of the 260-day Tzolk’in round, the 2nd Uinal will complete our cycle of germination. On 7 Sun/AHAU we reached the light, though we are still imagining who we are and what we will become. The 2nd Uinal is the catalyst for accelerated growth by our Response to an Inspiration of Creation. We can compare this Uinal’s experience to Tone 2… the place of duality, where an inspiration draws a Human discernment based on comparison. This is a time of Self-Reflection as we continue to discern the Intention of Being upon which we will move forward.

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1 Crocodile / IMIX – A New Dawning: Day 1 of 13


1 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

Together, Sun/AHAU and Crocodile/IMIX reflect the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. 1 Crocodile/IMIX initiates the beginning of a new and higher level of Transformation. We ascended as the Creators of our own Reality.

We begin in Oneness with the Creator. Sun/AHAU brought Light to the Transformation in our Self. IMIX offers a New Dawning to a Higher Level of Divine Discernment.

Crocodile/IMIX is a symbol of the Divine Feminine. Our Consciousness is ignited in the womb of a Compassionate Mother. The world that waits to receive us is still without form. IMIX will help us to Dream it into Being.

The Archetype of IMIX is among the strongest archetypes as the giver of life that nurtures and guides us into self-sufficiency and fullness of being. She will help us see that there is no Dream beyond our reach when we make a commitment to move forward one day at a time. We will be ignited by Love and Gifted with a Vision of a new world.

PORTAL DAY ON TONE 1: Element of Ether
Portal days thin the veil to Spiritual Dimensions and elevate our Awareness to our own Spiritual Gifts of Intuition and Knowing. The One Portal Day of this trecena is 1 Crocodile/IMIX, magnifying the experience of a New Dawning, and the day of Divine Inspiration that would guide us in the Creation of a New World.

1st UINAL: Initiation and Impregnation
The next 20 days hold the energy of Number 1. The first uinal, like Tone 1, marks a cycle of Divine Inspiration. A Spark of the Creator ignites the life of a new Intention of Creation. The energies of this trecena are doubled, as the Tone also matches the number of the Day Sign Position.

PEAK DAYS: Peak Experience, Peak Performance

  • 6 Transformer/CIMI – will introduce us into the Flow of Change
  • 7 Deer/MANIK – will offer a Balance Above and Below, and the Spiritual Tools needed to serve as the Hand of God
  • 8 Star/LAMAT – the Holy Day of the trecena elevates our Consciousness as the Personification of Light
  • 9 Offering/MULUK – a new Transformation is made possible through an Offering of Our Self

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7 Crocodile / IMIX – Flight of Higher Vision: Day 7


7 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

At Tone 7 we’ve completed our climb of Spiritual Growth and stand in the place of Balance at the top of the pyramid. Our effort was invested in an Intention to bring both sides of our Self together into Atonement with the Creator. When our Lower Self and Higher Self operate together in the integrity of their Divine Purpose, we Atoned as One in a Sacred Trinity.

Our Lower Self offers our initial Emotional Response to life experience. Our Higher Self sees through the illusion of our Shadow to draw the Truth of Divine Discernment. There is no need to suffer in the fear of our illusion, when we know we can turn to a Higher Perspective. Our Higher Self is our Channel to the Creator, that would always offer the Discernment of Higher Purpose and the Creator’s Power to transform every experience by Divine Justice.

Crocodile/IMIX is the symbol of Birth and a new Dawning. IMIX represents the Divine Feminine, the Compassionate Love of a Mother who would sacrifice herself to the duty of raising us up. Like a newborn, we are opening our eyes for the first time to see the Truth from a new Understanding. Given a Higher Consciousness to Discern the Voice of the Creator, our final 20-day journey with each of the Day Signs will lead us to the Revelation of our own Transformation.

PORTAL DAYS: Element of Ether Portal days thin the veil to Spiritual Dimensions. Portals magnify our Spiritual Gifts of Intuition and Divine Discernment. As we stand in the balance, 7 Crocodile/IMIX a Portal magnifies our reflection on what we have accomplished through our process of Spiritual Growth. Through our Intuition, we may hold a Sense of Anticipation for a new Spiritual Awakening.

13th UINAL: Ascension

We enter the 13th Uinal of Ascension, the final 20-day cycle of the Tzolk’in round. Through an Ascension, we are Transformed in the way we See our Self. We recognize our own change as a result of our Relationship with the Creator. We are made capable to Acknowledge the Truth of Higher Ground. 13 is the number of theurgy, the ability to draw Divine Agency to Human affairs through the practice of Ritual and Sacred Ceremony. Our Sacred Rituals mark a time and place when we see to be One in Consciousness with the Creator. A portal is open that would magnify this experience.

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13 Crocodile / IMIX – Ascension: Day 13


Greetings Kin,

On 13 Crocodile/IMIX we ascend from the trecena of Offering/MULUC. This a day to mark the milestone of our new Higher Ground. MULUC guided a revelation of Truth that we never walk alone and Divine Agency only waits for a Surrender from the Heart.

MULUC focused on the right use of our Emotions as the Language that perfectly articulates what we need to say. When we ask for healing through our Emotions, we surrender the Way of our Healing. Our Ego thinks it has everything figured out – how things should be for everything to be okay. Yet, we’ve learned that the Ego is unable to see beyond the “flashing red light” it discerns is the problem. It takes our Divine Discernment to resolve the Real Truth.

Crocodile/IMIX is the beginning of all things, and 13 is the number of theurgy… our ability to draw Divine Intervention to our Human affairs through Sacred Rituals. These are times when we Choose to be Conscious of the Divine. In reciprocity, Divine Agency is drawn to our Consciousness. We raise ourselves up to be Seen by the Creator. We are able to See Our Self from a Divine Perspective.

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6 Crocodile / IMIX – Path of Higher Learning: Day 6


6 Crocodile / IMIX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 6 facilitates the energy for dynamic developments. Tone 6 helps us reach our stride, compared to a great athlete in Peak Performance.  As a Tone of Peak Energy, we are capable of Our Highest Performance.

Crocodile/IMIX guides us as a Day Sign that calls awareness to our thoughts. IMIX is known as the sign of Innovation that inspires new ways of thinking. IMIX can help us maintain our momentum through a new means of discernment.

IMIX is the beginning of all things and the Force of Creation. We are capable to find a mental force within ourselves to project us toward our Dream. IMIX is our primordial mother, present at our creation. She knows how we were made and inspires us with her love and encouragement to see all that we are capable of.

11th UINAL: The Intention of the 11th Uinal is Resolution. It’s purpose is Higher Inspiration that would bring new clarity to an understanding. Our experiences over the next 20 days will present us with a “missing piece” that can transform our perspective.

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