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2 Deer / MANIK – Delivery of Newborn Spirit: Day 2 of 13


2 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 of Duality presents us with choices for the consideration of a new Sacred Intention. CIMI presents us with a trecena of Major Life Change. Deer/MANIK is our guide, helping us to choose an Intention for direction through this time of change.

Deer/MANIK is the Day Sign of Spiritual Tools. Deer is said to be the keeper of every Spiritual Tool its ever used. Its most-used Spiritual Tool is Vigilance. MANIK is the Deer that stands in its own Truth, the Day Sign of the Mayan priest who serves as the Hand of God.

Tone 2 is often experienced with some vulnerability. We are separated from the Unity of the Whole to find Our Own Way. Tone 2 brings the energy of Duality. Human arrives at understanding through comparison. As we are inclined to compare ourselves to others on Tone 2, we may long to be reconnected to the whole – as we see how we are “different.”

This is a day for self reflection, as we will stand in our Truth to discern our own way forward to weather the Chaos of a Major Life Change.

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8 Deer / MANIK – A Vigil of Light: Day 8 of 13


8 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 8 we are received by a Divine Agency that will begin the process of a new Transformation. The energy of Tone 8 is compared to the peak of a wave. Suddenly, what was all uphill is now flowing down in Divine Reciprocity. Peak Days are good for any endeavor that calls for our own Performance. Our Spirits are Raised by Divine Intervention. Sun/AHAU is the Master of Will and Performance. Tone 8 is the Day of Spiritual Experience.

The Deer/MANIK trecena raised a Light to the Divinity that the Creator shared with Human. We were offered a choice to serve a Divine Intention for the Greater Good of the Whole. The Sun/AHAU trecena Brings Light to our  Spiritual Resource. We didn’t walk alone. AHAU is the trecena of Divine Guidance by the Creator and the Ascended Masters. They show us the Truth of our Divinity, and the Power of our Love.

The Deer/MANIK glyph illustrates the Human Hand that grasps a current that completes the circuit of Divine Power. The eye reminds us that Deer serves as the Protector in vigilant watchfulness for the Whole.

Deer/MANIK is exalted on the Holy Day of the Sun/AHAU trecena. 8 Deer/MANIK is the Day of Initiation for the Mayan Priest. 8 is the number of Pure Spirit. Today is a Divine Initiation as an Agent of the Creator’s Light.

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1 Deer / MANIK – A Vision of Purpose: Day 1 of 13


1 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

The Next 13-Days…

Deer/MANIK is the Hand that reaches up to grasp a current that completes a circuit of Divine Power. Deer completes our Connection to the Divinity of the Creator and guides us to a Higher Consciousness of our Life Purpose and Soul Mission.

Our Journey will be an experience of “Light” related to Day Signs of Red and Blue. The cycles of “Light” tend to be “easier” energy as our “work” will be to receive and discern Divine Inspiration. Days also alternate between “Light” (inspiration) and “Dark” (application), though as leader of the trecena, Deer’s “Light” will be the prevailing energy.

Deer can transform us through a correspondence of Mind and Spirit. MANIK is the Day Sign of the Mayan Priest, demonstrating the Hand of God in the material world. An Ascension on 13 Storm/CAUAC, will raise our Consciousness to what it means to be Connected to a Source of Divine Power.

PORTAL DAYS: Element of Ether
Portal days thin the veil to Spiritual Dimensions and elevate our Awareness to our own Spiritual Gifts of Intuition and Knowing. 13 Storm/CAUAC is the one Portal Day in the Deer/MANIK trecena. The Lightning of CAUAC connects Heaven and Earth, Body and Soul. A Portal will magnify a connection to “Lightning Energy” at our Ascension to a Higher Purpose.

PEAK DAYS: Peak Experience, Peak Performance

  • 6 Road/EB – directs us toward our Divine Destiny.
  • 7 Reed/BEN – balances us in Humility, kneeling at an Altar of the Divine.
  • 8 Jaguar/IX – initiates a Transformation of Spirit that opens our Spiritual Gifts.
  • 9 Eagle/MEN – inspires a Transformation to serve as a Divine Intermediary and presents a Vision of our future.

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7 Deer / MANIK – A New Dawning: Day 7 of 13


7 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 7 we are offered a place of Balance that offers a 360 view for a Higher Perspective on our Spiritual Growth. Each step offered its own experience for understanding.  As we see them all together we discern a Higher Purpose. CIMI helped to release us from our past and go with the flow of change.

We can change our mind. We don’t have to carry the burden of choices we made in the past. What matters is who we are now, and who we are becoming. We are the only one holding us back.

The glyph illustrates the Hand, another name for MANIK. The forefinger and thumb are grasping a Spark that completes a circuit to Divine Consciousness. Tone 7 offers a gift of Reflection to see our experience and Deer/MANIK helps us make a Divine Discernment.

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13 Deer / MANIK – Ascension: Day 13


13 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

Galactic Tone 13 completes a cycle of “7 days and 6 nights” of Creation. On Tone 13 we Ascend to a Higher Consciousness of our Relationship with the Creator, as Co-Creators Creating Creation.

Eagle/MEN offered a Heavenly Perspective so that we could see that our Experience of Living holds the Wisdom upon which the Creator would Discern our Divine Justice. Just as the Creator shares with us the Wisdom of Spirit, Human shares the Perspective of Earthly Experience. Through our experience of Injustice, the Creator discerns an Application of its Polar Opposite to Manifest the Divine Justice of Harmony and Equity.

When we offer our Whole Self to the Creator, placing our Hopes and Dreams in God’s Hands, we are One as Agencies of a Divine Creation. Through our prayers, we call Life to an Intention of Creation. Our call for Divine Intervention to help us Create Happiness, offers direction to a Divine Force of Creation.

There are many ways to accomplish the same thing. When we offer our prayers in Humility, surrendering our own Will, we allow the Creator to choose the Highest Outcome. Through the surrender of Free Will, we are Co-Creators of a Divine Creation. The Creator gave us the Authority to be the Dreamer who directs the Intention of a Creation. Our own Spark of the Creator, brings the Intention to Life. The Creator promises to make our Dream Come True, when we allow the Creator to Choose the Highest Manifestation. In this way, everything we would create would serve the Highest Good of the Whole. Our Dream would always Manifest as a Creation of the Justice of Harmony and Equity… an Offering to the Whole.

Deer/MANIK, also known as Hand, is the Day Sign of the Mayan Priest. The glyph illustrates a Hand with the thumb and forefinger grasping an Ether that completes a Circuit of Divine Power. We engage with the Unlimited Power of Creation when we surrender our Hopes and Dreams to the Creator. In the supplication of our prayers, we are asking the Creator to Participate in the manifestation of our Creation. Creating together in a Divine Communion, we serve as Hands of God.

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6 Deer / MANIK – Living as a Creator: Day 6


Greetings Kin,

Tone 6 is the first day of Peak Energy in this cycle of Spiritual Growth. The energy of Tone 6 facilitates dynamic developments. Compared to a great athlete, Tone 6 draws upon all its practice, strength, and talent to generate the momentum of forward movement.

Deer/MANIK is our guide to a realization of our own transformation. MANIK is also known as Hand, which acknowledges our Divine Purpose to be an Extension of the Creator. The glyph illustrates a Human Hand with the thumb and forefinger grasping an Element of Ether. The thumb and forefinger of the right hand respectively represent our Divine Will (right thumb ruled by the Sun/AHAU, the Divine Masculine), and our Divine Discernment (right forefinger ruled by Crocodile/IMIX, the Divine Feminine). Through the “Will to Discern” Sacred Wisdom, we complete a circuit of Divine Energy.

Deer/MANIK is Day Sign of the Mayan Priest, and the bringer of Spiritual Tools. Deer is said to keep every Spiritual Tool it has ever used. Deer is a Blue Day Sign of the West. West is the direction that calls the response of our Lower Self to new life experience. As our Lower Self offers its fear of limitation, Deer presents the Spiritual Tool to overcome it. Deer is God’s Hand of Divine Intervention in the Human affairs of the world.

On 6 Deer/MANIK we are geared for our Highest Performance of Spiritual Growth, through an Employment of all our Spiritual Tools. Deer’s first and most important Spiritual Tool is Vigilance, the tool that it uses to Discern its own Movement. This is also the first Peak Day in the 12 Uinal of Understanding.

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12 Deer / MANIK – Path of Higher Learning: Day 12


12 Deer / MANIK

Greetings Kin,

Galactic Tone 12 offers the intention of Understanding. This is the day of the trecena when a new Truth sinks in as the Wisdom from which we would ascend to our next level of Consciousness. CIMI’s guidance on change presented the missing piece that brings everything we’ve learned together as a new functioning whole.

CIMI helped us to see that managing chaos is expected in our perpetual process of change. We can see it as only the problems we face, or we can recognize it as the Truth that we are moving toward another new beginning. The CIB trecena of Higher Learning shared a Truth that we never walk alone. No matter what our challenge, we call Divine Guidance to our Self, when we surrender ourselves into the hands of Divine Agency.

The changes we must go through are critical to our Dynamic Development. If this is true, by Divine Design, Human would be given a Way to overcome these challenges.

Deer/MANIK is the bringer of Spiritual Tools, and as the Day Sign of the Mayan Priest, represents God’s Hands in the world. The glyph illustrates our own Hand (another name for Deer/MANIK), capable to reach up and grasp the “ether of God” to complete a circuit to Divine Power. The greatest gift of MANIK is the Understanding that there is a Spiritual Tool to overcome every limitation.

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